Wilderness Gateway Testimonials

Duke and I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful visit to your B&B. The whole experience exceeded our already high expectations and it was such a treat getting to know you two (and Frank)! Yummy food, beautiful view and the homemade wine and beer were pretty good too! We can't wait to get back there and spend more time.

Nancy Fleshman

What a lovely place you have! Thanks so much for the great time. Everything was just perfect! We can't wait to go back, and have decided that this will be an annual event from now on! It's so incredibly beautiful there!

Elaine Nash

The best mountains and the best place to stay while visiting them.

Skip Porter

We spent 2 nights for our 1st anniversary. Patty & Steve, you made it very special by making us feel so comfortable! Everything was perfect, from the delicious meals to all the special touches that were so heartfelt. You both have what it takes to be wonderful hosts in your beautiful place. We can't wait to come back and have put the Wilderness Gateway Bed & Breakfast at the top of our "vacation get-away" list.

Margo & Marvin Richardson

Aloha - Or should I say, Buenos Dias - Fellow travelers,

Looking for a vacation spot? Someplace to get away for a few days? We highly recommend the Wilderness Gateway Bed & Breakfast in Cowles, New Mexico.

We were one of the first "official" guests at the Wilderness Gateway. Wow, we were SO pleased and excited with the whole experience.

Staying with Steve & Patty in Cowles is not at all like staying in a fancy hotel in a big city. Staying with Steve & Patty is a visit to a favorite Annt and Uncle who have decided that their mission in life is to spoil you, rotton.

The rooms are fantastic. The whirlpool bathtub is a blessing at the end of a long day. The spot in the woods is both beautiful and serene. The wood stove is a joy.

We live in Waikiki with sunset views from the 38th floor; we are not easy to impress. We were impressed - and more - with every moment of stay in Cowles.

The food is amazing. Both Steve & Patty are creative cooks and every meal was a surprise. Be sure to order Patty's Eggs Benedict and one of Steve's steaks. Top it all off with homemade ice cream. (Do not even try to start or stay on a diet the week you stay at Wilderness Gateway.)

On a personal note, I am a wheelchair user - and a disability advocate with two lawyers on retainer. I rarely find a hotel room that is even marginally "accessible". I must tell you that Steve's design and execution exceeds the best of the best - his work goes beyond "accessable" and falls into the catagory of "Universal Design" a rare and most welcome surprise. Steve & Patty have blended the accessibility design into the rooms so well that a non-disabled guest will not notice, but a wheelchair user will giggle with delight.

Book your stay now. When the word of this hidden Shangri-La begins to spread, we are sure there is going to be a long waiting list. Enjoy!

JK & Bonnie

I have loved the upper Pecos for the last fifty years and have visited the Wilderness Gateway B & B as it was being built by Patsy and Steve. It is my ideal place to spend time while in the upper Pecos.

Eleanor Wald

Being a guest at your B & B is a goal that I am looking forward to! Being your friend has been a pleasure and delight! Sitting on your porch is a joy and honor!

Merideth Hmura

Great job! Love the web site. You two are great hosts and a wonderful addition to the mountain. We wish you well in your beautiful new home.

Zane, Dawn & Hunter Adams

We had heard about Wilderness Gateway B & B and decided to come up for a day visit. We enjoyed it emencily, that we did not want to leave. The serenity & peacefulness cannot be found in the city. We can't wait for spring to go up there again.

Jim, Maria & Robert

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